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Publications & Other Links

The Manual of the C&MA contains the Articles of Incorporation and the Amended and Restated Constitution and Bylaws originally adopted by the 1993 General Council and ratified by the 1994 General Council.  The Manual reflects dated revisions made by General Council and Board of Directors by each section as revised.  This document is the official guide for matters pertaining to denomination, district and church government.  

District bylaws are an important source of information concerning The Alliance Southeast.  They have been formulated over many years to meet the various ministry needs so the entire district can function properly.

The Pastor’s Handbook includes a word of encouragement and guidelines for candidating, regulations for fund-raising across district, guidelines for weddings, and how to develop a ministry competency profile. 

Discipline in Alliance Churches is a four-page document edited from the Uniform Policy on Discipline, Restoration, and Appeal specifically relating to the church. Use it to inform your members of how discipline is handled in the church as required by the church constitution. 

MissionInSite enables churches to better understand their congregants and community at large.  It uniquely integrates information about your congregants and visitors with MissionInSite's own demographic and analytical tools to help you solve your most complex strategic mission challenges.  Imagine knowing which projects are most needed ahead of time, what is needed in your neighborhood and what may be changing in your community before those changes happen, enabling you to adapt your future missions accordingly.  If you would like to use MissionInSite for your church or would like more information, please contact the District Office at

Gary Friesen, who presented at the 2018 District Conference, has put together a document to help churches be as prepared as possible for emergency situations, including active shooter scenarios.  This document has been endorsed by The Alliance Board of Directors.  Click here, to view the document.

We strongly, encourage you and your boards to carefully review this document and put in place a strategy so that your church is prepared.  This conversation should not be avoided.

For questions, feel free to contact Gary at

The Alliance Southeast is committed to the spiritual, physical and emotional health of our children and youth, and to protecting those to whom it ministers from all forms of child abuse. We are also committed to purity that glorifies God, and to protecting all of its employees, staff, and volunteers (“workers”) and those to whom it ministers from all forms of sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, and inappropriate sexual conduct.  Therefore, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding these matters and have clearly defined them in the three policy statements below with reporting procedures.  We have also provided templates for our churches to use in their settings

Policy on Child Protection in District-Sponsored Ministries
Policy on Sexual Exploitation and Harassment in District-Sponsored Ministries for Volunteers
Policy on Sexual Exploitation and Harassment for Employees and Leaders 
CHURCH Policy on Sexual Exploitation and Harassment for Employees and Leaders (Word or PDF)
CHURCH Policy on Sexual Exploitation and Harassment for Church-sponsored Ministries for Volunteers (Word or PDF)
Child Safety & Protection
Covenant Eyes
Necessary Safeguards Documents
Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 3