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Phase 2:  Re-Opening with Grace and Wisdom

The conditions in Florida have been conducive for moving forward with re-opening more so than many other states.  We are thankful to be in this unique position.  Being in this position also means that many eyes are watching.  As we are being observed our hope is that those looking at us will see the church moving forward with grace and wisdom.  To support opening with grace and wisdom we, The Re-Opening Task Force, want to encourage all our District churches to review another helpful resource from the National Center for Life and Liberty.  Please be sure to give careful consideration regarding the matter of liability.  

As was mentioned in our last article, the Covid-19 Virus will go down in history as a time when character was revealed across the globe. It is our prayer that our churches would re-open under the guidance of the Holy Spirit while biblically honoring the guidelines of the government.  Every decision about when and how to re-open should be done from a perspective of compassion and love for all of God’s children.

The National Center for Life and Liberty

For more information, check out the "Church Re-Opening" page under "Resources."  


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